I use to have The Big Clamp, but it disappear during a relocation, I have searched for it for a long time, with no succeed, So I did try the internet with no more succeed, the only copy I could find was the pure copy at www.scribd.com

I decided to rework that copy (OCR text and make new diagrams) and make a Word document for myself. When I had finished page 26, I found my copy unexpected.

I continue the work with and here is the result.

All files updated 10-08-2013 I have finally completed proofreading.
If you find an error, please let me know.


Word 2010 - A5 page on A4 - print (double-sided) , fold and you have the pamphlet 

Word 2010 - Half Letter on Letter - print (double-sided) , fold and you have the pamphlet

In pdf I like to games on chessgames.com but 4 games is missing, I would be grateful if any can help.

Page  9: Bolton-Sofrevsky, Canadian Open 1978
Page 13: Bohatirchuk-Heidenheld, corr 1954
Page 14: Day-MacPhail, Hamilton 1980
Page 26: Day-J Meyer, Washington 1979




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